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Adventure Smart:10 Essential Survival Items

According to Adventure Smart (more info here) - here are the 10 basic survival items to have with you in any outdoors situation, whether you're out for a few hours or few days.  (Check out sample kit below)
(These are not the specialized/essential pieces of equipment that you would bring for a camping trip e.g. tent, sleeping bag, etc.)

1. Flashlight, spare batteries (and bulb)
2. Fire making kit: waterproof matches/lighter, fire starter/candle
3. Signaling device: whistle or mirror
4. Extra food and water
5. Extra clothing (rain, wind, water protection, toque
6. Navigation aids (map/compass)
7. First Aid Kit (know how to use it)
8. Emergency Shelter (orange??) :-)
9. Pocket knife
10. Sun protection (glasses, sunscreen, hat)

Below is a picture of a sample kit. Do you have one? What's in yours?
Why would it be a good idea to have one with you (out for a hike, for a day canoe trip....etc)

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