Trip Reports

Petawawa Wild Water - With Helmets


HELMETS not only look cool, they stop your brains from being bashed out by sweeper tree branches, AND if you are swimming in big waves, your head is very very SMALL, and can get seriously smashed by your HUGE boat which may be trashing around in that hole with you. The last thing you need when gasping for air is a smack on the head! This wonderful photo (not in our group) taken on the May long weekend shows the water levels on upper Rollway, which has to be negotiated before reaching the ledge. We were pleased to loan our spraydeck boat, and portaged, enjoyed taking photos of tremendous paddling skills, and setting up support for a YCCC team (in our spraydeck boat) that put in below the top and ran well, though swamping on the ledge.

We always wear helmets in Whitewater, though after many many miles of paddling (probably more than 5,000) we do not consider Class 1 to be whitewater, especially when you can stand up to your knees. Overhanging branches are always taken seriously and ON goes the helmet for any sweeper scenarios, kept handy onboard deck. When paddling 500 kilometers of fast moving northern rivers, on the water for weeks at a time, our helmets are only used when the river becomes serious.


Date last travelled

Saturday, May 24, 2008 - 00:00