Trip Reports

Stratton Lake August 28-31, 2012.

Stratton Lake August 2012

Early on Tuesday morning three of us headed to Stratton Lake. We hiked the Barron Canyon Trail on our way into Achray. We chose a base campsite on Stratton Lake with easy access to the Eastern Pines backpacking trail. We were relatively new to canoe tripping so we practiced building campfires, cleaning water, using the stove and tying knots. Opening and closing the bear barrel required lots of tries. Marshmallows over the campfire were a favourite.
On Wednesday morning we hiked around Johnston Lake. After lunch we paddled to St. Andrew's Lake returning against a strong head wind.
On Thursday we hiked the length of Stratton Lake along the Eastern Pines trail. We found the trails to be very well marked and well cleared. We were rewarded with the jacuzzi and water slides near High Falls. Proper sliding techniques were demonstrated by some young teenagers from another group. Due to expected high winds on Friday we packed up and left our base campsite by late afternoon. Winds made for difficult conditions on Grand Lake and we were all happy to make it back to Achray dry by evening. We stayed overnight at a jump-off site.
On Friday morning we decided to skip our planned adventure down the Barron Canyon. The weather did not look favourable. We headed home after a delicious breakfast in Pembroke. We heard that the wind on Thursday evening had knocked over many trees in the area near where we were.
The view from our campsite on Stratton Lake
Our campsite
The jacuzzi and the waterslide