Trip Reports

The Solo Canoeing course was a blast!

june 2024 solo canoe over canoe

The Solo Canoeing course was a blast!

Fun and learning was had by all on this RACCC solo course held at Lac Leamy
Four fine RACCC paddlers participated in this year's Lake Intro to Solo Canoeing course, June 15-16.  Paul, Stephen, Patrick and Mandy put their hearts, minds, bodies and great sense of humour into the 2 very full days with Lead Instructor Nathalie and Dot assisting.

Once on the water they mastered quintessential C-Stroke, J-Stroke, Sweep Strokes (forward, reverse, and 1/4) as well as Draws (out and in water recoveries and beautiful sculling Draws) and 3 Push-away/Pry strokes (In water and out of water recoveries and powerful pries). MITH was next -to work on tilting into inside and outside turns.Then a start on low braces.

Soon they were 'starting and stopping' beautifully (stopping is a good skill to have!) as well as pivoting in place, sliding sideways and of course, going straight like champions! Sunday, they took on the 'delights' of paddling in reverse, the challenge of 90 turns for dock landings and then had the grand finale of canoe dumps and rescues!

Success is sweet! They all agreed, they love (!) soloing and looking forward  to some solo outings!  (Stay tuned - Dot will be leading some this summer!)

All good things came to an end with smiling faces, full brains and tired bodies as we finally took our canoes and gear back to the boathouse.
(In case you didn't know - please Note: all RACCC instructors are volunteers and are nationally certified besides having extensive tripping experience)