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Jock River Trip Report

03 DSC07324 Jock R Edit EditJock River Trip Report

May 25 2024

Three club members set out in two canoes from Terry Carisse Park near the village of Fallowfield on a bright Saturday morning. We paddled to the right upstream on the Jock River towards Richmond. After inspecting some previous work done to clear blockages on the river, we managed to go 7.7 km unimpeded. We reached a ledge which we did not attempt to jump up! In the past we had reached the Richmond Conservation




Area for lunch but we could not do so with the low water levels. We turned around, returning the same distance, while observing various colourful vegetation, including a few groves of palm-like ferns. We stopped to check an alternate access near the Eagleson Road bridge. Terry Carisse Park was a better access point. We ate lunches as we floated downstream.

According to the Merlin bird app, we heard eighteen different bird songs: the yellow warbler, song sparrow, red-winged blackbird, killdeer, song sparrow, common yellowthroat, swamp sparrow, American robin, red-eyed vireo, rose-breasted grosbeak, American redstart, black-and-white warbler, warbling vireo, hairy woodpecker, vesper sparrow, American goldfinch, tufted titmouse, and the house finch, a few of which we actually sighted. In addition, we saw several beautiful great blue herons, a couple of mallard ducks and some crows.

There was some customary bubble blowing which delighted other paddlers setting out mid-afternoon. We had a 15.5 km comfortable and restful excursion. Thank you, Mark!

Map of Trip

16 Jock R Terry Carisse RIchmond InReach map Edit Edit

Terry Carisse Park parking

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Terry Carisse Park

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Terry Carisse Park dock

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Jock R

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Blockage cleared

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Jock R

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Partially Blocked

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Ledge Near Richmond

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Alternate Access Near Eagleson Bridge

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Palm-Like Ferns

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Jock R

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