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Chutes de Plaisance 2024

2024 05 17 21 48 10 6Chutes de Plaisance 2024

On Saturday, May 11 a group of club members paddled upstream on the Rivière de la Petite Nation from Parc national de Plaisance to Chutes de Plaisance.

We met at the put-in next to the Visitor's Centre and headed 5.5 km upstream. The current was not too strong, the woods and meadows along the shore stunningly beautiful with all shades of green and the sun (still) shining. The landing at the bottom of the Chutes was easy and then we walked up to the lookouts for lunch. The waterfalls were roaring - thanks to the recent rain they still carried lots of water and looked magnificent.

On the return we got caught in a thunderstorm, quite powerful and close, so we had to wait it out at the shore. On the way back we saw two vultures that displayed an interesting behaviour called a "horaltic pose". They both spread their wings as if threatening us, but apparently they were just drying their feathers after the storm.

We were considering exploring the waterways of the Park, but as we got close to our put-in the heavy clouds moved in, rain started and we decided to return home earlier than originally planned.  Click "Read more" to see photos.


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