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Jock River Race 2024

DSCN2429Jock River Race

As has become tradition (thanks, Dot!), the club provided safety services for the annual Jock River Race, from the Munster Road to Richmond. This year, the date was advanced to April 6 because of the early spring, then delayed to April 7 because of last week’s big snowfall. That led to record high water levels, and very cold water – the biggest risk was hypothermia, despite the lovely warm spring day. Some 250 people took part, in everything you could think of paddling: there were tandem canoes, solo canoes, solo kayaks, tandem kayaks, racing C-1s, SUPs, even some Grumman canoes!

Even better was the variety of people who got out for a paddle: yes, there were the serious racers (three of them did the 12km course in less than an hour!), but there were also young people, old people, families, children, dogs – everybody! Best of all were the teams of teenagers and even tweens, and the parents in the stern with a child in the bow – it was a joy to see them enjoying the sport. All of these people could have gone for a paddle anytime, but it was the race that actually got them out.

Twelve club members volunteered to share their time, experience and expertise keeping the paddlers safe. Fortunately, there were only a couple of incidents, relatively minor. Thanks to Emily, Andrea, Linda, Alan, Murray, Tara Lea, Grant, Bruce, Scott, Laurence, Sonja, and especially Lynette for organizing us, and Gaetan who has coordinated the race for 11 years. See you on the water!

Bruce standing guard above the rapids


The fastest overall paddler


Some of the safety crew

Jock River Safeties