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Tay Canal to Beveridges Locks Aug 2023

LockstationTay Canal to Beveridges Locks

5th August, 2023

The Last Dual Park in the historic town of Perth was the launch site for a 20 km paddle on the Tay Canal with the turnaround point being Beveridges Locks. A perfect sunny summer day, temperatures in the mid 20’s and a light 8 km/h wind from the East. A brief pre-trip meeting was held at the boat launch covering details of the trip and the availability of the first aid kit, followed by a quick round of introductions.

The group of paddlers were seven in number, paddling three canoes (including a very nice cedar strip build) and a solo touring kayak. Some paddlers were new to the RACCC, whilst others were longer serving members with many more years experience, all under the leadership, guidance and watchful eye of Mark S who kept everyone amused and entertained throughout the day with his frequent jokes and puns.

Once on the water we quickly left the park behind us, heading downstream to the Perth Wildlife Reserve at the 5km mark, passing through narrower sections of the canal and past a delightful stone house with well maintained grounds. The Tay Marsh Lookout Tower situated at the wildlife reserve provided panoramic views of the broad marshland area.

Back on the water after our brief stop and crossing the more exposed marshland section, the effects of the wind was more notable. The group offered assistance to three novice paddlers in a single canoe who were experiencing some steering and paddling difficulties. Mark S took the time to demonstrate steering and control techniques allowing the novice paddlers to continue their journey unaided. Shortly afterwards, the Dam on Beveridges Lock Road came into view and the group took a hard right turn giving a straight run into Beveridges Lock.

The Beveridges Lockstation is a very well maintained Parks Canada location, facilities including Tent-o-pik glamping with canoe rental, restrooms and a covered picnic area. After a leisurely lunch the group began the return trip to Perth which included more regular water breaks to rehydrate as the early afternoon sun and a drop in wind meant for warmer conditions. Several pleasure boats passed the group in the marsh section of the canal. Paddling closer to the banks and in shade was notably cooler as the group returned to Last Dual Park and the boat launch.

A quick informal debrief followed by the fast and efficient loading of canoes and kayak marked the end of a very pleasant day.