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Lac La Peche July 2023

DSC02969 EditBeware the Pirate of Lac La Peche

We were forewarned! Even the loons called out with their cautionary tales about a Pirate on Lac LaPeche, ready to sink any boat that dared enter his waters.

Our quest was innocent enough. Take a gang of nine merry and novice paddlers out for a hopefully, uneventful canoe outing.

Fortunately, the “Pirate” was not commandeering and did not sink our boats!



It turned out to be Mark, Training Coordinator for RACCC, demonstrating how to roll a canoe, and recover from being submerged.

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A paddle, a friendly, enjoyable lunch, some bubbles, a nap and a swim rounded out our adventure. A great day outing on one of the jewels of Gatineau Park. It is refreshing to think how fortunate we are to have nature within reach!

July 2023

Submitted by Adam

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