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Barron Canyon Trip June 2023

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June 3, 2023

Three canoes and three couples set off on a day trip of Barron Canyon under clear skies and warm temperatures during the first weekend of June. The group started out at 10:00 AM from Squirrel Rapids with a lovely tail wind to help push us towards our goal. The 420 m portage was expertly overcome without any mishaps, and we arrived at the Canyon at noon. The group paddled a bit beyond the Canyon, but not as far as Brigham Chute, and then doubled back, now with a head wind, to the first campsite on a point.

We stopped for a well-deserved lunch. A few monarch butterflies were seen, but we did not run into a moose or a bear. After a leisurely lunch and a pause to allow a large group of canoes to pass, avoiding a crowd at the portage, the group began paddling again with a strong head wind, returning to Squirrel Rapids around 4:00 PM.

The group then set out to enjoy the 1.5 km Barron Canyon Trail and view, while our noble leader kept an eye on our canoes. We climbed through the forest without having to battle any bugs.


As we all prepared to go our own ways, everyone agreed that we were an excellent team and that made the trip of about 16 km seem easy. We were all thankful for the leadership of Karen to bring us to this wonderful spot and for the companionship along the way. We were even more thankful that the June onslaught of black flies and mosquitos was oddly absent, perhaps due to the strong wind.


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