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Pakenham/ Blakeney April 2023

DSC05072 Edit EditPakenham/ Blakeney April 8 2023

We met near the Pakenham beach at 9:30 am and paddled 17 km to Blakeney Rapids and back.

The water was higher than we had seen it before. A creek blocked access to the usual parking area. The town had placed barricades to prevent people from driving through the creek. We launched from an unusual spot near the larger parking area.

The weather was cool with a high of 6 C. We were dressed in drysuits and wetsuits as well as having hypothermia gear along. We were warm enough.

We toured under a culvert that went under a road and we paddled up a creek until it was blocked by a fallen tree and ice.

We watched a large dock, and accompanying staircase float downstream due to the high water. Someone will be missing those.

 We saw two otters, a merganser, some Canadian geese and a few ducks.

Lunch was enjoyed at picnic tables beside Blakeney Rapids… a very nice setting. We watched the huge rapids in the sunshine.

When we returned to the canoes, the downstream current had us travelling 8 km/hr or so. The shorelines went past very quickly. By shortly after 2 pm we were back in Pakenham.

We hoped to have ice cream but the store was closed. Pakenham had lost power this week so perhaps the ice cream melted? We will need to return another time for ice cream.

A very enjoyable day was had by all. 

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