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Crotch Lake Sept 2022

DL fall approaching Edit EditCrotch Lake Trip Report September 2022

Four club members launched into a challenging headwind on Crotch Lake, North Frontenac Parklands during the morning of September 14th. Our island campsite was a short 2 km away. There had been several inches of rain before we arrived so our canoes were loaded with dry firewood in addition to our usual gear. We expected temperatures between 5 and 15 degrees Celsius that day, so we had packed warm sleeping bags, hats and ski jackets.

We safely reached our campsite and took a look around before putting up our tents. Due to the strong cool wind, we camped in the low-lying shelter of trees and rocks. We had rocks to block the wind as we cooked and they helped to keep us warm. Hot drinks were used regularly. Some of us hiked and bush-whacked around the island for daily exercise. We put up a tarp, in case it rained, but we didn’t need it. Our campsite was a good smallmouth bass fishing spot. There was success with smallmouth bass but they were thrown back into the lake for others. The coveted walleye did not appear despite attempts to catch it from land and water.

When the clouds cleared and the howling wind subsided, we were hot and needed to take off many layers of warm clothing. We paddled the sheltered bay east of our island to Little Black Bay and beyond a couple of times. As expected in the fall, the water level was low, but not as low as other years. It was possible to see many rocky shorelines and beaches. We saw ospreys and loons. We learned about the local mushrooms but we didn’t eat them. We watched lovely sunsets. We heard unusual harmony sounds from the woods one evening and wondered how they were made? Perhaps it was a bird call? Our campsite had a choice of three campfire pits. We used a sheltered firepit when it was windy and an exposed one at a height when it was calm.

We observed two rescues. A solo canoeist was taken out by a motorboat on the morning of the second day. It was a bit too windy to paddle a canoe solo. On the third day, a paddling motorboat was given fuel by another motorboat and then was able to leave with the motor running.

We took time to relax along the shore and get to know each other. For one member of the group, this was the first-ever canoe trip. Another was doing their first club canoe trip. There was great cooperation and teamwork displayed by the group! Everyone was thinking of the interests of others. We packed up and departed early on the third day. We arrived home, warm and dry, before lunch. Thanks all for a wonderful adventure!

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Group Launch at Tumblehome

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