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Appleton to Almonte Trip Report

02 group photo2 Edit EditAppleton to Almonte Trip Report

Labour day 2022 offered the perfect conditions for a leisurely paddle along the Mississippi River. The temperature was a lovely 18 C, and allowed paddlers to wear light sweaters. Our group of paddlers Alice, Daniel, Mark and Karen started from the Appleton Bay boat launch, around 9 am. We were lucky and managed to get the last couple of parking spaces. The group canoed down to the Almonte beach for lunch before making our way back mid-afternoon.  The round trip was approximately 18km.

The paddling conditions were perfect with a light wind on the outward journey and non-existent wind on the return trip. This allowed Alice and Daniel to practice their silent stroke (forward stroke with underwater recovery), with some helpful pointers provided from Mark and Karen (the experts 😊)



Water levels were low, allowing us to see a shoreline that was submerged earlier this year. This provided the opportunity to spot lots of wildlife along the way, including blue herons, loons and a group of turtles sunning themselves.

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Appleton Waterfall

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 Appleton Dam

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Appleton Dam

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Almonte Beach Launch

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Almonte Fairgrounds

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12 best loons


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Mississippi River

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Mississippi River

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Mississippi River

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Mississippi River

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Canoe Trip Route