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AUG. 17-21, 2022

Four RACCC members set off early August 17th for the east Whitney entrance to Algonquin Park. Xuan Qi, who counts Algonquin Park as one of his favourite trip destinations, led the group. Among the four were Brian F., Sergey K. and Jane M. We truly hit the jackpot in terms of weather….we were blessed with warm, sunny skies and calm winds, with just enough breeze to keep us cool. The fine weather lasted until Sunday but thanks to continued internet reception at our campsite (Hwy 60 was not far away), we were able to track the weather on a daily basis, including the big rain forecast for Sunday. We packed up early and made it back to our Whitney dock put-in by 11 a.m., well in advance of the rain.


Highlights of the trip included: 1. Exploration of Galeairy Lake, Rock and Whitefish Lakes, Rock Lake being our favourite with its stunning scenery and rock faces. Our 5.1 km hike up the Booth Trail rock face near the old Barclay Estate on Rock Lake. With its stunning views of neighbouring lakes and the rolling Algonquin Highlands, this trail is not to be missed. 3. Brian’s fishing off our campsite; he netted a 4 lb small-mouth bass, along with many other smaller fry. Sadly lake trout, which Brian really coveted, proved to be more elusive. 4. Our campsite which was large and comfortable and provided a magnificent view looking north to Galeairy Lake and many lovely sunsets; 5. Xuan’s evening campfires and group conversations.

We enjoyed chatting with many other paddlers and just experiencing the natural beauty of Algonquin Park’s wilderness. Thanks to all for a great trip.

Jane M

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