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Burritts Rapids Lock Station Family Trip Report

28 Nicholson DSC02246 Edit EditBurritts Rapids Family Report

Sunday, August 14, 2022

Highlights of our trip on the Rideau Canal:
- We learned how locks work and we got to paddle through the lock at Burritts Rapids!
- We watched several great blue herons, Canada Geese, an osprey, and a frog.
- We saw cattails and Black-eyed Susan flowers.
- We saw what seemed like a loud bi-plane but we think it may have been a drone!
- We paddled 5 km to Nicholson lock station and then 5 km back to Burritts lock station.

- When motorboats created waves, we turned our canoes to face the waves at an angle.
- We all practiced our J-stroke.
- It was warm and sunny with no wind and no rain.
- It was a quiet, relaxing day on the water. We wondered where the crowds went?


Oher things we learned:

If you stop your boat at a dock with a blue line the lock staff thinks you want to go through the locks!

You don’t need to pay each time you go through the locks if you have an annual lock pass sticker on your canoe.

Some parts of the Rideau canal have water at different levels and the locks allow boats to move up and down between the different levels so they can travel between Kingston and Ottawa.

The 202 km Rideau canal was built between 1826 and 1832 to provide a safe route for supplies and people to travel in case the United States tried to block the St. Lawrence River supply route during a war. Settlers could travel the route on the water to their new homes when there were no roads.

The route followed an old indigenous canoe route along the Rideau and Cataraqui Rivers.

Blockhouses were built along the Rideau canal to protect the route but they were not needed.
When cars were available after World War I, many people switched to travelling by road instead of by water.

Our next family trip is Mon. Sept. 5th. We will paddle near Appleton and look for a bald eagle. You can join us by signing up on the calendar.

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Nicholson Lock

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Nicholson Lock

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Nicholson Lock

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Wild Black-Eyed Susans

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Blue Heron

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Canada Geese

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 Burritts Locks

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In Locks