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Our Day at the Beach 2022

05 Second Beach 2 Edit EditOur Day at the Beach

On July 30th seven of us enjoyed a family day trip to Anniversary Park, Kemptville.  We paddled down Kemptville Creek against a head wind.  We saw a turtle on a log, several sets of ducks and three great blue herons.  We saw cattails and waterlilies.  We crossed the Rideau River.  A short distance west, we took a look at Second Beach and the Main Beach of Rideau River Provincial Park.  We decided to stop at Second Beach which was very quiet.

Sand toys appeared thanks to our parents!  We built a castle with a moat, went swimming and played catch with beach balls.  After a few hours we ate our lunches.  Second Beach became more crowded.  We spun around on a novel play structure.  We got back into the canoes and paddled back to Anniversary Park with a light tail wind.  Some of us blew bubbles and some of us took a nap.  We travelled about 10 km in all.

 We walked the short Kinderwood Trail in Anniversary Park.  It now has a storybook about animals in the woods. We saw several pretty knitted dolls wrapped in plastic along our walk which said “I am not lost.  I am looking for a good home.”  We left them for others to enjoy.  We found a huge, old pine tree at the entrance to the Turtle Trail and took a group photo before heading home. 


We are looking forward to meeting more RACCC families at Burritts Rapids on Sunday, August 14th.  If interested, sign up on the website calendar.


02 Rideau R PP Main beach Edit Edit

Rideau River Provincial Park Main Beach

03 Paddling Edit


04 Second Beach 1 Edit Edit

Second Beach

05 Second Beach 2 Edit Edit

Second Beach

06 Second Beach 3 Edit Edit

Second Beach

07 Sand Castle Edit Edit

Sand Castle

09 Rideau RIver Provincial Park Edit Edit

Rideau River Provincial Park

10 Playground Edit Edit


10B Paddling home CJ copy Edit Edit

Paddling Home

11 Start of Turtle Trail Edit Edit

Start of Turtle Trail