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Meech Lake Evening Paddle 2022

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July 14, 2022

Eight club members had a very enjoyable evening paddle to MacDonald Bay on Meech Lake on July 14, 2022 where they had a picnic and those who wanted to went for a swim. The weather was perfect and the chance of showers in the afternoon meant there very few other paddlers on the lake and we could find our little bit of wilderness. Three of the paddlers, Jane, Adam, and Jim, have been coming to MacDonald Bay for many years going back in some cases probably 35

years first with the Hostel outing group in its various forms and later with the Y & now the RA Canoe Camping Club. The other five paddlers were new members. Lisa and Tjjandra paddled their dark blue Swift Algonquin canoe and brought along their Dachshund. Sylvain, who is from France, paddled his light blue aluminum canoe solo and cooked a fine meal for himself over a small stove. Wendy, who paddled her nice yellow kayak and who was a late addition and an unexpected surprise to me as I knew her a long time ago, is a new returning member as she was a member around 1980 when she paddled all the whitewater rivers in the area with the club. Carolyn, our photographer, has been taking Dot’s classes and had the opportunity to practice her J-stroke. A good evening outing was had by all.
Jim Y.

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