Murphys Point Canoe Trip 2022

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June 11, 2022

On June 11th, six of us went on a canoeing trip starting at Big Rideau Lake. We canoed all around the Point reaching Noble Bay. There were many turtles where we started. They were lying on a log while we canoed by. We saw turtles with a map-like texture. You might also see them in Hogg Bay. They are called Northern Map Turtles because of the pattern on their shell. They can lay about 10-17 eggs each year. They are endangered and preyed on by raccoons, coyotes, and birds.

At the end of Noble Bay we portaged over to Loon lake. We all ate ice cream from the park store and enjoyed it in the hot sun before we headed out again. We saw a beaver’s dam. We did not see any beavers but looking at their lodge was incredible in itself.

We hopped back in the canoes and portaged and paddled all the way to Hogg Bay. In Hogg Bay we ate our lunches and had delicious cookies. We stayed at the beach for awhile eating and chatting. We then cleaned up and headed back out to go to our starting boat launch because we saw grey clouds floating in with a 50% chance of rain.



We canoed back to Big Rideau Lake while talking and having fun. At the launch we got out of our canoes. We saw lots of lily pads and were expecting to see frogs. We did not see any frogs on this trip which was kind of sad but we might on our next trip. We put the canoes back on the cars and we all went home to have supper.

We had such an amazing trip seeing all the beaches and turtles. We hope we all have another trip as fun as this one soon!

Submitted by Anya G age 10

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 On the Water

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Turtles on Log

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Big Rideau Lake

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The Point

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Day Use Beach

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Turtle Colouring

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Ice Cream

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Great Blue Heron on Loon Lake

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Beaver Lodge on Loon Lake

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Murphys Point Route June 2022