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Barron Canyon July 2021

Sandip Bill bestBarron Canyon: A Beautiful Introduction to Algonquin Park!

Our group of seven (3 canoes and one kayak) met at the Squirrel Rapids parking lot for the start of this day trip on July 5 2021. It was a short paddle until the first and only portage around Cache Rapids which was well groomed and about 400 meters. We continued up this very calm river as the midday sun allowed us to have spectacular views of the 100-meter-high canyon; it was nothing short of breathtaking. Whether it’s the first time you’ve done this trip or the one hundredth, the engraved rustic architecture of this rock is amazing. We stopped for lunch at the powerful Brigham Chute where we could hear the rushing water in the background as we chatted with each other. On the paddle back we stopped over for a quick swim at one of the vacant campsites and one of the members was lucky to catch a nice fish! At the tail end of the trip, we encountered some light rain and we pulled our hoods over our heads and watched the tiny raindrops fall in the calm water as we reached the end point- this moment was magical and great timing!




Earl 3



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scenery campsite


Earls lunch

garter snake

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fish3 dinner