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Pakenham to Blakeney Rapids

Pakenham 2021 06 07Pakenham to Blakeney Rapids June 12 2021

Eight of us gathered happily on a warm sunny June morning at Pakenham beach by the wide, slow Mississippi River above the Pakenham Bridge and rapids.  Grateful for one of the first club trips after Ontario’s Stage 1 opening after the end of the stay at home lockdown.

Lots of parking there and basic washrooms which are kept clean.  It is a popular spot.  The water at the beach was shallow with flat rocks, but good for the kayaks to launch.  It was slightly deeper at the gravel patch a few metres further down.  Distance from the put-in to Blakeney Falls is around 8.5K for 17K in all.



We met a paddleboarding friend doing the same stretch of water and Mark got out his kayak paddle and stood up in his canoe to work on SUP’ing from his canoe.  I think this tri-combo sport needs a name Mark.  Mike B paddled his canoe with a kayak paddle from the comfort of a lawn chair in the centre of his canoe.

Upstream to the falls took about 1 ½ hrs, and less coming back. Lots of all kinds of water craft were on the river.  A skein of geese took off and flew right over us with loud wing beats. 

Blakeney Falls and the right hand shore were lined with fishermen, so for lunch we paddled to the left shore on the other side of the island and parked on hot rocks next to the little rapids and a pool filled with tiny fish, and one turtle basking on the rock.  We swam and basked too.

Coming back downstream we floated with the current, diverting briefly to check out Indian Creek which was weedy and shallow but cool under the culvert.   

A beautiful day, finished off perfectly with an ice cream milkshake from Scoops on Waba Road in Pakenham.

Helen R.

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