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Burnstown Beach Day Trip Sept. 2020

Burnstown Trip Sept. 16 2020

DSC02103On Wed. Sept. 16th 2020 we drove for about one hour to arrive at Burnstown Beach by 9:30 am.  There were no crowds.  Four club members headed south on the Madawaska River as far as the Springtown bridge.  The weather was clear and the temperature moderate.  The water was still reasonably warm.  We saw rolling hills on either side of the river and some cottages on the west side.  We were challenged with a head wind of about 35 km/hr but made steady progress.  We turned around at the bridge and enjoyed a tail wind.  Our on-water leader (Catherine) pointed out our options for stopping spots.  We ate our lunches where Kippens Creek meets the Madawaska.  We noticed white turtlehead flowers along the shore and lots of chanterelle mushrooms as well as other mushrooms.  We appreciated having a botanist along!  After lunch we paddled up Kippens Creek.  A road crosses the creek and we found two culverts just large enough to allow us through.  Some decided to paddle upstream as far as possible.  It was very pretty.   We returned through the culvert to Burnstown Beach arriving about 3 pm.  We had paddled just under 16 km in five hours.  Thanks to all for the wonderful team effort!




 Burnstown Beach

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Kippens Creek Lunch Spot

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Kippens Culverts

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Traversing the Culvert


Kippens Creek

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End of Kippens Creek

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Burnstown map Kippens