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Crotch Lake Day Trip June 2020

            On June 14th seven paddlers headed to Crotch Lake, North Frontenac for a day trip.   It was a “private together apart” trip because the club is still closed. No club equipment was used. We are eagerly expecting the club to open soon!  Stay tuned for details.

            Most of us had not been to Crotch Lake before and we wanted to explore the lake and locate some good campsites for possible future trips.  We left Ottawa at 7:40 am and drove an hour and 45 minutes southwest along highway 7.  We took a peek at Silver Lake en route.  We had all obtained our road access permits online from before heading out.  We parked at the public boat launch near the south end of the lake.  The lot was nearly full!  We were paddling east and north by 10 am.  Our group consisted of three tandem canoes and one solo kayak. It was a beautiful cool day with low wind.  We followed the eastern shoreline along the southern half of the lake exploring potential campsites as we went.  The campsites looked excellent and many were occupied.  We saw a great blue heron and two loons.  We stopped for lunch at a rocky island near campsite 35.


            After lunch we headed back the way we had come. We met up with a kayaker known to some of us.  Two of our group made an early exit and the rest of us explored the area around campsite 40. We had a small fire (with marshmallows), chatted, snacked, napped, tried some fishing and blew some bubbles. This campsite had water all around it and it was quite near to southern access points.  Only a narrow sandy beach connected it to the mainland. It was beautiful.  There was sometimes a strong wind but mostly it was not an issue.  There were a few mosquitoes but they were not bad.  About 5 pm we paddled back to the cars, loaded gear and boats.  We found the parking lot was nearly empty.   We returned to Ottawa before dark.  We had covered about one quarter of the lake, paddling 13 km.  There is much more to see on our next adventure there!

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