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Radiant Lake Trip Report September 2019

Radiant Lake Trip Report 2019

September 7-12

Radiant team EditThe Route
We had a 3 hour drive from Ottawa to the Brent put in at Cedar Lake. Our first night was on an easterly, island beach campsite on Cedar Lake. Then, a 12 km paddle on Cedar Lake, the Petawawa River and Radiant Lake, including 3 portages: 960m., 690m. and 860m. The trick, we discovered on the last portage, was to use the decommissioned rail bed, found to the left of the marked portage. Our gorgeous campsite was the most northerly, on the west shore of Radiant. We remained there for 4 nights before our return.

The Team
Heather S., Trip Leader; Gerard R., mentoring Heather; Joanna D., Anatoly C.

The Physical World & It’s Splendors

Howard Gardner suggests that there are 8 dimensions of intellegence. They are: 1) word smart, 2) number/ reasoning smart,3) picture smart, 4) body smart, 5) music smart, 6) people smart, 7) self smart and 8) nature smart. The photo captions will refer to most of those 8 variables. I suggest that we explored them all during our Radiant Experience, though this report does not contain a music clip.
While base camped, we explored historical sites, found a tribute to deceased lumbermen, enjoyed the beaches and shallows, fished & caught Brook Trout, Bass and Fall fish,( large minnows). Poems were made and a water colour completed.


Sincere gratitude to Gerard R., for offering to mentor me as a multi day Trip Leader & suggesting that Radiant Lake might be a suitable destination. I was very impressed that he thought I could lead such a vigorous trip! Through his clear, gentle counsel I have learned increased respect for safety, preparedness, host duties and technology. I have a better understanding of the character of trips I will lead in future. I was batting , “ Out of my league “, as Trip Leader, with Radiant. While I hope to continue to go on such trips, I will lead more modest trips, to stay in my comfort zone as a newer Trip Leader.
Gentle mentorship creates a powerful opportunity for learning. I heartily recommend it.

Participant Comments

1) We loved this trip because we had never paddled the area, so we did not know what to expect around the corner - and we were never disappointed by it because of the great synergy of our collective spirits, acceptance of our idiosyncrasies and forgiveness for our failures (more on that later). Forgetting to take sleeping bags on a September trip is no fun, but one can recover from that because Mattawa has a friendly Home Hardware store where they still had some leftover camping equipment. Five stars out of five! Thank you for leading and co-leading of this great trip.

2) Thank you, Heather. You are a smart painter, smart writer and smart leader, wow !

3) Although I have visited Radiant Lake twice in the past I still yearned for a third visit. The lake feels spiritual, has three river inflows, has great fishing, has lots of history, so clean with beautiful campsites and beaches, and provides the opportunity to "walk on water" in shallow places that extends over half the lake area.

From an RACCC tripping point of view it offers the above features including at least four access routes; each with its own challenges and rewarding landscapes.

From a trip leader point of view; the opportunity is to lead trippers over some difficult yet picturesque portages, discover the beauty of the rivers, rapids, beaches, and campsites, and explore the rich history of Algonquin like the loggers grave site. The RACCC values its trip leaders who take on a variety of tripping challenges. Heather, who cheerfully lead this trip, has proven her camp craft abilities, and from this experience can now focus on applying her learning to future trips that best suite her artful and social skills.

Let’s Gardner Forward
As I enter my 8th decade, I am grateful for my abilities, body, mind and spirit; that allow me to go forth into the wild.  I subscribe to Gardner's Multi Dimensional intelligence. I hope to maintain " smarts" by: careful planning and communication, long paddles and hard portaging, ( in my books anyways), shared food, fire and support, poetry, song; inner reflection, sustenance from land and water; painting and stories and adventures shared.

I am a relative new comer to this Algonquin Anishnabe Territory, arriving in Ottawa, from Sudbury, in 2015, and joining RACCC, the following year. In “16, Anatoly & Joanna and I meet on a Circuit #73, a 7 day trip, at the top of La Verendrye, in a 3 person canoe. I have also enjoyed tripping with Gerard and our Guardian Angel, Judith F. You have taken me seriously, supported & inspired me. Thank you and again, thank you.

1) Map of Route: number smart, body smart

Radiant Route Edit Edit

2)The Team: people smart, self smart.

Radiant team Edit

3) My Mentor: body smart, nature smart. Gerard removing branches at a bever damn, on the Little Madawaska. No stoping on the way back!!

Radiant Lake mentor copy 7

4) Walking on Water: Is this body smart or Devine intervention?? Turns out it's Radiant Lake. We got some nature smarts there!!

 Radiant natural world walking on water Edit

5) Friends at a fire: people smart, nature smart.

Radiant sharing camp fire

6) How much do you like Brookies, Gerard?? self smart, nature smart.

P 20190911 124028 p Edit Edit

7) Tribute to lost Rivermen, who lost their lives during railway construction, prior to 1916: word smart, people smart, nature smart.

Tribute Radiant Lake Edit Edit

 8)The other half of the team: Joanna D. & Anatoly C.: self smart, people smart, nature smart.

Joanna Anatoly Radiant Lake 2 Edit

9) A campsite scene: the subject wishes to remain anonymous! Picture smart developing.