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Chiniguchi 2019

Chiniguchi 2019 19Chiniguchi 2019

The Chiniguchi route is on crown land northeast of Sudbury. Going after the middle of August allowed us to avoid the kids' camps that use this route earlier in the summer. The weather was remarkably good with just a bit of rain and not too much wind while paddling. On the way out, we had multiple passes overhead by an Ontario Government aircraft which seemed to be practicing water bomber manouvers.

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Supper first night

Chiniguchi 2019

Measuring out the scrambled eggs for breakfast

Chiniguchi 2019 02

Swim in Paradise Lagoon at end of portage.

Chiniguchi 2019 03

Crossing logs to get back from Paradise Lagoon

Chiniguchi 2019 05


Chiniguchi 2019 06

Large red pines at campsite on Wolf Lake on the way in.

 Chiniguchi 2019 07

Campfire at McConnell Bay campsite.

Chiniguchi 2019 08

Very large red pines at McConnell Bay campsite.

Chiniguchi 2019 09

Very windy the first afternoon after we arrived and then calm the next morning.

 Chiniguchi 2019 10

Talking after breakfast.

Chiniguchi 2019 11

Doing dishes. Rinsed dishes put in mesh drying bag.

Chiniguchi 2019 12

More relaxing.

Chiniguchi 2019 13

Lots of pine cones on the beach.

Chiniguchi 2019 14

Sundew carnivorous plants on the beach.

 Chiniguchi 2019 15

Horned Bladderwort, another carnivorous plant, growing above the Sundew.

Chiniguchi 2019 16

Making supper.

 Chiniguchi 2019 17

As the tripped progressed, the nights and the early mornings became cold.

Chiniguchi 2019 18

Beautiful view over Wolf Lake on trip back.

Chiniguchi 2019 19

Another view over Wolf Lake.

Chiniguchi 2019 20

Red squirrel defending his territory.

Chiniguchi 2019 21

Repair done to collapsed chair.

Chiniguchi 2019 22

Calm weather on paddle out to cars.

Chiniguchi 2019 23

Nice end to beautiful trip.

Chiniguchi 2019 24