Trip Reports

Killarney East 2016

Killarney 2016 11Killarney East - August 2016

Killarney is a very popular park, so reserving 5 months in advance is a necessity.  When we got our camping permit, they said to take the first available campsite since the park was fully booked.  Paddling down Bell Lake, we saw that half the campsites were not yet occupied. And when we did the short portage into Balsam, the excellent campsite close to the portage was available, so we took it.  A couple of days later, when we portaged into David Lake, we were able to occupy an even better campsite and the lake did not seem fully occupied. So go figure.



The first few days were rather damp but that had the advantage of the fire ban being lifted.  A primary aim of the trip was to climb Silver Peak from David Lake.  We waited until the weather was sunny and dry.  It was a tough hot slog to the top but there were spectacular views from the summit. After the hike we were very happy to get back to the campsite to rehydrate and swim.

The rest of the trip passed uneventfully with lots of swimming, campfires and relaxing!


The first few days were rather damp! 

Killarney 2016

Finally the clouds rolled away. 

Killarney 2016 04

Fresh oranges and fresh eggs for breakfast! 

Killarney 2016 05

Reading and meditating by the lake.

Killarney 2016 02

Tuna Lemon Zest pasta for supper. 

Killarney 2016 03

Going up the first of two ridges before starting the climb up Silver Peak. 

Killarney 2016 06

A rock wall part way up Silver Peak.

Killarney 2016 07

Bare dome near the summit of Silver Peak.

Killarney 2016 08

Great view from summit.  Note Georgian Bay can be seen at horizon.

Killarney 2016 09

Xuan said this was the best fire pit ever with a full moon and the lake in the background!

Killarney 2016 10

Paddle out on the last day. 

Killarney 2016 11