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Joys of 3 Person Canoe

3person canoe2 Edit Edit EditThe Joys of a 3 Person Canoe     

Call me sentimental, but my first multiday trip with the RACCC had to feel big or I would be  homesick again for Sudbury/ Killarney/ French/ Chiniguchi/ Manitoulin.  After a week on the water with 4 fine companions, I was not disappointed! 



Initially, our trip leader, John G., recommended the 3 person canoe, due to: an uneven number of participants, one with lingering tendonitis and another nervous on big windy lakes. Also, most of us were, "No Spring Chickens", and the route was La Verendrye Circuit #73, 112kms of river and lakes. "No too many portages", according to past long time club member Paul Legare, the trip’s inspiration. If the wind blew up against us on Lac Garnet, this larger craft could handle it.

By Day 2, we figured out the 18.5 ft, 3 person is almost always faster than a 2 person canoe, regardless of 2 or 3 paddling. (Alas, someone may have been having a late breakfast, on board.)

Some have wondered about the carrying capacity of a 3 person canoe . Our plan was "Old School Dehydration" :  5 people, 7-8 days, one 60 litre food barrel and delicious  food.

Sometimes making new friends can feel like the Mexican Hat Dance....forward and back, repeat. The 3 person scenario can help smooth things, especially if the "Fifth Wheel" also paddles in the tandem, busting up established pairs. Thanks for stepping out with me, in that big wind, Judy.

We are mostly habituated to paddling in pairs...whether it be a couple or a couple of old buddies. As a newcomer to Ottawa, sometimes the expectation to show up with a "Paddling Partner" is Mission Impossible....... The 3 person canoe freed me from that social disease. 

A three person canoe also helps lower inhibitions! It's clearly easier to get people singing in a more peopled craft. One can refuse, yet we still have 2 singers carrying forth. (Sincere thanks to Johanna and Anatoly for not refusing. Makes for a cherished memory!)

So, if you're looking to upgrade your paddling trip programme, step out of the box, book a three person canoe and call me or another singular person.

Thanks for the foresight, RACCC, of buying a 3 person canoe!


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