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2015 Kingston Mills to Ottawa Trip Report

Kingston Mills to Ottawa Canoe Trip-Sept 26-Oct 3

20150930 104305The trip was organized by Gerry H. Unfortunately he was not able to participate on the river but acted as guardian angle throughout the trip. Bill D. acted as trip leader. We started with 11 brave souls on September 11th. Participants included Cory D., Lorraine B., Colin S., Shealagh P., Josette V., Jeannette T., Helena A., Jessica F., Anne F., Debbie D. and Bill D.  (Photos at end of report.)





    We departed from the RA shortly after 9 in a van with a large canoe trailer in tow. We arrived at Kingston mills at around noon and were on the water by 1:00. We were into a strong north wind the first day and had 18.5 Km to Upper Brewers. We made camp at about 5:30. The wind slowed us down considerably but the temperature was warm and we had a good supper.
    The second day, we canoed 27.6 Km to Chaffey’s locks and made good time. The wind was with us. We hade the big portage at Jones falls on top of the distance but made our camp site by 5:00.  We had a excellent supper at the Opinion restaurant.
    The third day, we canoed 22 Km to Colonel By Island. We easily made our destination although we were treated with some wet weather. The wind was out of the South to help us. We were pleasantly surprised by the excellent facilities on Colonel By Island and the trail around the island which most of us walked. We had a good meal that night and a good sleep. We were able to dry out most of our clothing and equipment in the washroom building overnight.
    The forth day was probably the most challenging. While the wind was in our favour, we needed to make 29.4 Km to Smith Falls and the last 2 hours on the water, the rain came down in buckets. We all got wet to some degree and some of us got soaked. Anything not in a dry bag also got wet. Three of us took a hotel room. The other 7 roughed it out in tents. We all went to dinner at the Ger-Bo’s. After dinner several of the campers went to a laundry and dried all their clothes. It stoped raining later that night.
    The fifth day the wind was strong and out of the North. We had only 23 Km to our camp at Merickville but we had 4 portages and with the strong wind, it took us until 5:30 to make our lock station. We switched people in two of the canoes to even up the paddling capabilities. Cory volunteered to take on extra weight as well as a less experienced paddler.   We went out for supper that night at the Goose and Girderon. The food was good but the service was a bit slow. We were all very tired and turned in as soon as possible.
    The six day was a 31Km push to Rideau Hill camp. The wind was from the North but not as strong as the previous day and there were no portages. Still it was a very hard day and we did look into alternate camp sites. However we continued on and reached Rideau Hill Camp at 6:35 with the sun about to set. We got set up and had supper in record time. We had a open kitchen with a roof over it. The wash rooms were very basic but we had running water.    
    The seventh day was a 23 Km push to Long Island. We were into a 20 km North wind. This day was reasonably easy and we made our landing by 4:30.  The facilities at Long Island were excellent. We had a good supper and were camped down and everyone asleep by 9:30. We know that because the police visited us at 9:45 and nothing was stirring.
    The 8th day was a 15 Km push to Mooneys Bay. It should have been easy but we were again into a strong North wind. However we made our landing at 1:00 and packed up our canoes and equipment; returned the group equipment and went home for a shower and rest.

Bill D.

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