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Chiniguchi 2015 Trip Report

 Chiniguchi 2015 Trip Report

Chiniguchi is east of Sudbury and is crown land. Highlights of the route include Paradise Lagoon, scenic Wolf Lake and the McConnell Bay beach campsite.  Click read more to view photos of the trip this August.








Getting to Paradise Lagoon

Pyramid Rock with Waterfall in Paradise Lagoon

Cooling off in Paradise Lagoon

Paradise Lagoon

Supper at Cliff Campsite at Wolf Lake

Getting Water Wolf Lake

Getting ready to portage!

Beach Campsite at McConnell Bay

Beach reading

Tending the fire.

Wet, windy morning at McConnell Bay.  Note windbreak made by Cory from dead branches.

Drying stuff that got wet in tents.

Big red pines at McConnell Bay.

Last morning McConnell Bay

Last morning McConnell Bay

Portaging back to Wolf Lake

Wolf Lake Islands with rock pile in foreground.

2nd Campsite at Wolf Lake

 Big White Pine Wolf Lake

 Lining canoes out of Wolf Lake

Mist on Water Last Morning

Fresh biscuits last morning

Calm waters last morning