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July 2014 Beginner Flatwater Tandem Course Report


July Beginner Flatwater Tandem Course Report

(Paddle Canada Lake Canoe Skills Introduction Tandem)
The RACCC two-day canoe course is a fun outdoor, fresh air experience. It’s the second time I took a beginner course with Karen, and still, my mother, my sister and I all learned many new techniques and refreshed our skills. I would not be exaggerating a bit in saying we all improved much after these lessons.
The morning of the first day, we began by meeting at the RA Center. We saw where the shed is and how to sign out equipment.  There, we distributed paddles, life preservers and other necessities. We also learned to attach a canoe to the roof of a car so we can bring everything we need to the water. Once we arrived at Black Rapid Locks, we were taught general skills. For example, how to sit correctly in the canoe and how to get installed once on the water. We then all got in our canoes and learned techniques and strokes to easily move the canoe in various directions and as smoothly as possible. We were taught that the bow (the paddler in the front) and
the stern (the paddler in the back) both have different roles that vary depending on the stroke we use. When it came time for lunch, we all attached our canoes to the dock and ate our lunches at a picnic table in the shade. Once we all finished eating, we played fun survival games as a group and in individual groups and learned about the most important things to consider while canoeing.  We then left for home and planned to meet again the next day at the RA Center to begin the second part of our course.
The second day of the course, we met at the water again and settled in our canoes. We reviewed our skills from the day before and learned a few new strokes. Everyone agreed that this review helped us solidify our strokes.  We then ate lunch and played a few more survival and environmental games and activities. We practised different ways to portage, different ways of carrying a canoe, how to rescue others if their canoe flips and how to recover a flipped canoe while staying in your own canoe.  We ended the course by taking a group photo to remember our great weekend canoe course.
We all enjoyed ourselves and learned a lot about canoe-camping and I am certain this course will help us immensely while canoeing in the future.
Isabela Bouffard Lima, age 14.
2014 Drawing of Black Rapids by Isabela's mom Carolyn (#5 of the RACCC fleet!)
2014 Drawing of Black Rapids by Isabela
2010 Family Camp (Isabela is second from the left)
2010 Drawing of Family Camp by Isabela