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French River August 2014 Trip Report

French River August 2014 Trip Report

Six club members went on the annual 10 day  trip to the French River and Delta which was capably lead by Henry Nur.  The weather was ideal with relatively little rain and  we were windbound for only one day.  Click "Read More" to see some photos of the trip.






Breakfast first morning.  Xuan brought 5 dozen fresh eggs to serve at 3 breakfasts on the trip and did not break even one!

On third day, some people were more keen to go for a swim than others!

We had a sturdy suppers of sausages, corn and buckwheat that day to keep us warm.

The corn got dropped in the dirt and had to be rinsed off.  I only heard about this after I had finished eating!

Xuan enjoying a fire on a cool windy evening.

We paddled down the Old Voyageur Channel on day 4.  The next three photos show some of the striking scenery.

A supper of split pea soup with ham and frozen vegetables was dehydrated at home.

Laundry day.

A Carbon-Tec 17 foot Quetico (one of the private boats on the trip) in its natural environment.

Glutten free pineapple upsidedown cake made in an Outback Oven.

Day trip in Green Island Bay.

A short cut gone wrong in Green Island Bay.

A room with a view in Green Island Bay.

Breakfast in the rain in Green Island Bay.

Interesting rock formations in the Fingerboards.

Sunrise in the Fingerboards.

The two photos below were taken on a day trip north of the Fingerboards.

The two photos below were taken out in the French River Delta.

Loading canoes after short portage south of Bass Lake on the French River.

Paddling north along the cliffs of the French River.

Scary bug on tent.

Dumplings in chicken soup.

Vanilla pudding with raspberries and almonds for dessert.

Last campfire of trip.