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Killarney 2014

Killarney July 2014 Trip Report

Xuan led an easy trip to Killarney Park starting at Bell Lake and ending up in David Lake where we climbed Silver Peak, the highest point in the park. The weather was great except for some high winds the first day and some rain the first day at David Lake.  Click "Read More" to see some photos of the trip.








Xuan built an excellent fire every night.

The next three photos show the hike we took up Silver Peak.

A beautiful sunset on David Lake.

A day trip through a swampy area.

This led to a liftover over a beaver dam.

From there we paddled into this pretty lake.

Xuan rearranging logs for an optimal burn.

Breakfast as the sun comes up.

Another day trip through a swamp!

This led to a portage into another lake.

Another beautiful sunset from a campsite.

Xuan making porridge for breakfast.