Social Program

RACCC (Rack) Fest formally RA-Fest formerly Y-Fest

Since 2007 we have been getting together in September as a club to celebrate the end of another camping season. We have   gathered at different locations and paddled a variety of waterways. The purpose of this event has always remained the same,   comradery, camping and paddling. We pick a camping facility where we can all share in the joy of being outdoors and head out for day trips as families and friends on flatwater or whitewater. The Saturday evening meal is a potluck which is just indescribably great. The festival has been very organized as it was at Espri or loosely led like it was last year so it is up to the members to pick the trips, camp site activities and campfire songs.

I am asking for suggestions for this September for family, flatwater and whitewater, locations, trips and campsite activities. You can send your ideas to me Cathy Olsen at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.