OYCCC Provisioning Manual 1980

The 1980 provisioning manual gives an A to Z description of how to cook on a canoe camping trip.  As far as I know, a more recent club provisioning manual does not exist.

While a few aspects of the manual are dated (cooking over fires rather than gas stoves is generally assumed), the manual has aged well and provides some good advice plus a number of recipes.  As with any recipe, it is always best to test it at home before using it on a camping trip.

The original document was scanned, converted to a pdf and then had OCR applied.  So by typing cntl-f while reading the pdf, specific words can be searched for.

Other canoe tripping food & packing resources:  try YouTube - start with these:

Or take a YCCC (ooops... RACCC?!) Canoe Tripping course, and attend our free Winter Seminar Series.

Happy Paddling!