Breakfast Pizza Recipes

These recipes make a great start to the day.  
Breakfast Pizzas Recipe #1 (serves 8) - Kathy Empey
8 pitas
2 pkg. bacon bits
4 cups sliced swiss cheese or any cheese shredded
8 tomato
2 c spaghetti sauce
salt & pepper
At Home: dry 2 c cpaghetti sauce and tomato slices separately
At camp: 
- rehydrate sauce (don't add too much water or sauce becomes too runny) and tomatoes 
- spread spaghetti sauce over pita
- add tomato slices, tomatoes and cheese
- lightly sprinkle with salt and pepper
- place in frying pan with lid - cook on low until cheese melts
Breakfast Pizzas Recipe #2 (serves 8)- Mike Bankier
8 large whole wheat tortillas
8 slices pre-cooked bacon
16 oz. old cheddar cheese
7.5 oz. can pizza sauce
1 large yellow pepper
Sautee diced yellow pepper (keeps well if not crushed).  
Place tortilla on plate.  
Spread with pizza sauce.  
Sprinkle with chopped bacon, diced yellow pepper and top with grated cheese.  
Slide into frying pan, cover and cook over fairly low heat until cheese melts.  Serve.