Beef Stew

The words: Hearty, Easy, Tasty and Filling all describe this light weight meal. Makes 4 big portions

Bag 1
2 Cup of peas – dehydrated
1 Cup of Corn – dehydrated
1 Cup of carrots – dehydrated
1 Large Onion – dehydrated
1 pound of  Hamburger – cooked, rinsed & dehydrated

1 package of beef stew mix or a beef stock concentrate
1 1/2 cups of prepared instant potatoes / person

1. Cover the dried items with clean water and rehydrate for a few hours
2. Add the contents of Bag 1 and the stew pouch to 4 cups of water
3. Add the package of stew mix / broth
4. Simmer until everything is tender
5. Prepare the mashed potatoes.

Serve by laying down a doughnut of mashed potatoes and filling the hole with stew.