Club Events


MAY 8 2024

The New Member Orientation Event was held on the evening of May 8th, 2024, with the aim of helping
new members become familiar with how the club operates. The event was well-attended and provided a
comprehensive overview of the club's activities for newcomers.


The session commenced with Mark giving an overview of the club`s history. Attendees were introduced to
the club`s website, the trip sign-up process, and how to view upcoming trips. Types of trips, safety rules,
and cost-sharing protocols were thoroughly discussed.

0524Presentation Edit

The orientation then transitioned into a discussion on club equipment. Attendees were educated on the
types of equipment needed and what is available from the Club.

Volunteerism was highlighted as a core value of the club. New members were encouraged to actively
participate in club events and initiatives. Opportunities for volunteering, such as assisting with trip
organization, equipment maintenance, and community outreach, were outlined.

0524Boathouse Edit Edit

The attendees were given a tour of the RACCC Boathouse and shown the various club equipment and
canoes available for rent on club trips. They were also guided through the process of signing out club
equipment from the boathouse.

The orientation concluded with a practical demonstration by Peter on safely attaching a canoe to a car for
transport. Overall, the event served as a valuable introduction to the club.

0524Demo Edit Edit