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2021 Discounts for RACCC Members

A benefit of being a member of the RACCC is that some retailers and course providers give discounts to club members.

Also, the RA has a number of community partners that represent a wide range of sectors offering benefits to RA members.  Click here for more information.

Note that a new listing for Nanook Expeditions has been added on August 6.

Have your RACCC membership card with you as this may be required to get the club discount from these retailers. The RACCC membership card (as opposed to the RA photo card) will be emailed to you when you join the canoe club. These cards are only issued so that club members can identify themselves for discounts. Neither the club nor the RA needs members to have cards.  Canoe club members will not be issued RA photo cards since the cost is quite high and club members do not need them for accessing RA facilities like Lifefit.

The club has confirmed (as of March 2021)  that the following retailers and course providers will provide their discounts to club members for 2021.


Trailhead is still offering a 10% discount on regularly priced in stock merchandise except boats.

10% discount on regular-priced items and invitations to any VIP events they hold (these are uncertain due to the pandemic)

Fjallraven Westboro

Fjallraven Westboro would love to give a 15% discount to your members. This discount is applicable in-store only on regular priced in-stock items and some exclusions apply. Proof of membership is required to obtain discount, and discounts cannot be combined.

Rack Attack (Was Auto Racks)

Rack Attack Logo

10% discount on products at their Ottawa location only, 2249 Gladwin Cres, K1B 4K9 (currently not offering rentals due to Covid). Present valid 2021 membership card and Photo ID

Paddler Co-Op

Paddler Co-op | White Water Kayak & Canoe Trips in Ontario

We are an Organizational Member of the Paddler Co-op, so RACCC members do not have to pay their $10 annual membership fee.

Great Escape Outfitters

Great Escape Logo

97 Holland Ave

10% off regularly priced items that are in stock. 10% off any online purchase of $50 or more.  Click here for the discount code. 

Nanook Expeditions

Courses - Discount of 25%

All other programs - Discount of 10 - 20% depending on program

To apply for a discount members must email or call directly so we can confirm RACCC membership and send them a discounted program link.

Contact information
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
613 979 9199 (office)
902 441 9199 (cell)

Full Disclosure - Nanook Expeditions is Owned by Dan Bezaire RACCC Member and Training Coordinator.

Bear Creek Outdoor Centre

Bear Creek Logo

10% off wilderness first aid or paddling courses. Click here for the discount code.  

The same applies to their sister company,

Canadian Wilderness Medical Training

 CWMT Logo

Boreal River

Boreal River Logo

Ice Rescue and Whitewater Rescue: 

RACCC members get 10% off any Ice Rescue and Whitewater Rescue courses that they can enrol for through our office and/or website. They can get all the details and see scheduled dates on our website:

Most 2021 courses through October are already posted—but there may be a few more dates and locations to come.

Click here for the discount code.  

If anybody has any questions about which course is right for them or anything at all—they can contact our office at 1-866-242-9383 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Wilderness Medical:

Our courses in the Wakefield area tend to fill to capacity and we have limited space so we can't normally do discounts. However—for RACCC members in spring 2021, we can do $50 off the 5-day Wilderness First Responder (WFR) and $100 off the 8-day WFR. Details are here for the 8-day and 5-day Wilderness First Responder courses

Click here for the discount code for 8-day WFR.

Click here for the discount code for 5-day WFR.

We've been running the courses with these COVID procedures since June—100% outside, with physical distancing throughout and it's been working great.

Here is a list of upcoming medical courses in La Peche (near Wakefield) - 25 minutes from Ottawa:

Wilderness First Aid - 2 days

  • April 10 & 11

Wilderness Advanced First Aid - 4 days

  • March 13 - 16
  • April 17 - 20

Wilderness First Responder (WFR) - 5 days or 8 days 

  • March 13 - 21, 8-day (Wed. March 17th is off)
  • April 17 - 25, 8-day (Wed. Apr 21st is off)
  • April 28 - May 2, 5-day

WFR-Bridge (upgrade from WAFA to WFR) 4 days


WFR-Recertification - 4 days

  • March 18 - 21
  • April 22 - 25

Boreal River Adventures website:

Boreal River Rescue website:

Toll free: 1-866-242-9383

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.