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Search and Rescue Seminar Summary

On Wednesday (January 27, 2021) Gerry Godsoe gave a virtual presentation on Search and Rescue (SAR) in Canada. Over 60 RACCC members and non-members participated.  Highlights of the seminar included:

  • The way SAR works in Canada and the importance of SAR volunteers.
  • How searches are organized.
  • The “Three Ts” of the AdventureSmart Program (Trip Planning; Training; Take the Essentials)
  • A general list of the “Essentials” that people should have even on short trips (see below).
  • The Four Rules of the Hug-A-Tree Program for children (Tell an adult where you are going; Hug a tree and stay put; Stay warm and dry; Help searchers find you)
  • Some survival information and tips (e.g., STOP = Stop; think; observe; plan and layering to prevent hypothermia the great northern woodland killer)

Here is a list of the books and Internet links mentioned in the presentation:


  • Death and Deliverance by Robert Mason Lee
  • Burning Cold: The Cruise Ship Prinsendam by Paul Jeffers
  • Lost Person Behaviour by Robert Koester
  • Deadly Frontiers: Disaster and Rescue on Canada’s East Coast by Dean Beeby

Internet links

Basic Essentials (Note: The RACCC has multiple trip related checklists under the Resources tab)

·        Flashlight

·        Fire making kit

·        Signalling device

·        Water and food

·        Extra clothing

·        Navigation and communication aids

·        First aid kit

·        Emergency shelter

·        Pocket knife

·        Sun protection