Sea Kayak Training

Sea Kayak Training

FW, Camping and Sea Kayak Training Update for 2020

Hello Everyone,

As we are all aware this year has not been anywhere near a normal year for anyone and as such it has not been a normal year for RACCC training offerings.
After much discussion and risk assessments the RACCC training for this year will be offered in a limited way at this time. Changes are as follows:

Flatwater training - Cancelled. This will be reevaluated in Aug for maybe some courses in Fall 2021
Solo or independent coaching is possible but will be very limited and if the instructor(s) are comfortable taking it on. Email Training coordinator with questions.

Camping / Tripping - modified program is available - Contact the training coordinator if you are interested in this training / certifications, modification will depend on level and individuals. Program can partly be delivered with webinars and conference calls.

Sea kayak Training - Level 1 and Basic courses are available this year. Recommend people sign up with a partner in their social bubble. Courses will depend on instructor availability, Contact Training Coordinator with number of people and level looking to take. Instructor is available during the week and few weekends this summer so indicate if you are looking at weekend or week day training. Course will be run if 4 or more people request it with a max number on course not to exceed 6 plus instructor. COVID protocols will be the clubs and use the Best Practice for Sea Kayak document.

Coaching and clinics -- These will be up to individual instructors if they wish to offer anything this year.

If anyone would like a clinic or course or subject covered via webinar please let the Training coordinator know and the club can look at the possibility of hosting an online event.

Thank you and Stay safe.
Dan Bezaire

RACCC Training Coordinator

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