Flatwater Training

FW Intro Training Course Report

(Posted on behalf of Mandy)

I've been in the canoe club for about 20 years. Love it, tripping most summers minus three years of  Covid. After sustaining a couple of concussions, the second in 2020, it was recommended to me that I consider taking the Tandem Canoe Club Training. 

In July. I had the privilege of attending the clubs Tandem Canoe training instructed by Dot and Salome with a special appearance from Mark S.

Our group was diverse in age, skill, and level of comfort in the water. Having been in and on the water most of my life I brought with me a comfort level there. 

 What made this course so powerful however was the caring, attention to detail and the extensive use of teaching styles, providing us with: the visual breaking down through demonstrations and breaking each stroke into step by step direction, the clear explanation of the physics behind the strokes, and the physical practice of the new stokes with feedback and correction as we paddled. As we progressed, the instructors had us teach our new skills to others re-enforcing and providing us an even deeper understanding of what we were doing. Extra bonuses: we were provided with videos a week or so prior to the beginning of the course, and then written detailed instruction and review of each of all the material covered. That was awesome!

 There was lots and lots of encouragement, and drills, along with a sense of play. Advance paddlers and the newbies - all of us were provided the attention we needed. 

 I would highly recommend taking this course whatever your level. Learned so much and had a lot of fun. 

 Thanks so much, to those I paddled with,  Dot, Salome, Marc

Mandy M.