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DSC01774 Edit EditIntroduction to Solo Canoeing Course Report 2022!

June 20/July 16/17

This is a great course for someone who already has experience tandem canoeing. We were a small group of three students so we were able to have lots of one-on-one time with our two instructors. We were able to ask them questions and get them to critique our individual performances. They gave us easy to understand feedback in an encouraging manner. It was a three-day course. On the first day we got wet and practiced various one and two canoe rescue methods. On the second day we did a review that allowed us to integrate all the different strokes to move our canoes the way we needed to. This really helped me personally to understand how the canoe moves. To top it off we also learned the history of canoes and reviewed canoe tripping safety and first aid principles with creative games. Our weekend in July was very hot and humid and our instructors were very responsive to our needs. A highly recommended course to build on your canoeing skills and help you become more confident in a canoe.


Submitted by Sandip



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