Flatwater Training

Paddle Canada Lake Canoe Instructor Course  -  Intro Tandem  (by invitation)
This course is only offered when the RACC requires more instructors.

Course description:  
This certification course is the foundational entry point for instructing Lakewater canoeing.  It emphasizes how to teach, class management and safe practices.  It includes information on Paddle Canada‚Äôs policies, course administration, insurance, accident requirements, standards for codes of conduct, how to maintain instructor certification and more.  Particpants are required to attend all course sessions.
Successful participants can teach Paddle Canada Lake Canoe Introduction Tandem skills and Waterfront skills courses upon completion.  
NOTE: Paddle Canada requires Instructors to have Current first aid certification (16 hrs minimum) to be able to teach
See course overview here: https://www.paddlecanada.com/levels/canoeing/lake-canoe/introduction-to-tandem-or-solo-lake-canoeing-instructor/ 

Health protocols at the time of the course must be followed.  

This course is only open to RACCC club members.
Paddle Canada Lake Canoe Intermediate Tandem certification.
Age 16 and up.  (This is a Paddle Canada Requirement)
Minors require a parent or guardian to be present throughout the course and provide transport as required.
This course is open by invitation only.  CONTACT TBD.

Experience beyond the level of PC Lake Canoe Intro Tandem skills courses.
Note: Solo Canoeing Skills Requirement: basic solo maneuvers: straight lines (fwd/rev), pivots, side slip, turns. (Paddle to a buoy, stop, touch the buoy, sideslip away, pivot, return to shore) (and Canoe Rescue)

Location:  Ottawa TBD,

Dates/Time (attendance at all sessions is required)
Instructor course: 
Theory sessions: TBD

Theory and Skill/Practice Teaching: TBD

Last date to register for this course: 1 month prior to the start date of this course.
Cost:  TBD:  RACCC Member: TBD    Non- Member: N/A   
(NOTE: Course fee includes: RACCC canoes provided for participants during the course)
Other cost/requirements:  Paddle Canada requires registration as a new instructor candidate.(approx $100)
Play RA Bar Code: TBD
Minimum # of participants:  4              Maximum # of participants: 8    

For more information contact instructor:TBD

Canoe School: Lake Canoe Resource (Manitoba)
NEW Paddle Canada Waiver Forms (Please print and bring the appropriate waiver form - we will sign them in person on the course)
RACCC Flatwater Training:  What to bring Check List + 10 essentials
Paddle Canada: Becoming an Instructor Manual
Teaching Assignments