Flatwater Training

RACCC has a great volunteer Flatwater Instructor Team. 
We love to share our delight in canoeing and kayaking, all to help people with no experience gain skills and confidence as well as teach advanced skills to our experienced club paddlers.  Our training includes intro to advanced skill levels for tandem, solo canoeing.
In addition to our nationally certified Paddle Canada Instructors, our team includes some very skilled club paddlers. This makes for an extensive array of skill and experience levels as well as amazing teacher/student ratios. 
The FW Instructor Team organizes skill practices throughout the year to become better paddlers and instructors.
There is so much to learn about canoeing: for safety in wind and waves, for making distance, for paddling well and thoughtfully with our paddling partners, for paddling well in groups, for paddling with ease and finesse.... and .... just because it is so much fun to find out what a paddle and canoe can do. 

Dot andersonDot B.   I'm delighted to be part of this amazing team!   I'm 72 and have been canoeing for 73 years I can't remember not knowing how to paddle.  I've been a club member and helping with our club training since 1990. I give all the credit to the club for upping my paddling game thanks to all the Paddle Canada Instructor training. That's in addition to wilderness trips and generous fellow paddlers showing me 'there is always more to learn'.  It is a priviledge for me to be part of the RACCC and it is a blast!  Besides paddling in the mist in the morning or under the stars at night, my favourite place to be in a canoe is with a group of people who want to learn 'more' about canoeing.
I teach: Paddle Canada Canoeing courses and skill coaching sessions:  tandem, solo, Canadian Style, Big Canoe (Voyageur Canoe), and Tripping. (Retired from teaching White water after 25 years - time to let the 'younguns' teach) I'm currently working on becoming an Instructor Trainer.

Lynette solo 2
Lynette C

Lynette has paddled since her childhood and has paddled many wilderness rivers accross North America. She joined the canoe club in 1996 and has been involved in training ever since.  The club benefits from her extensive knowledge as an Advanced canoeist and Paddle Canada Flatwater and Whitewater Instructor and Instructor Trainer - both Tandem and Solo: She also teaches Big Canoe and is an Instructor Trainer for the Tripping courses.
Lynette teaches our Paddle Canada Flatwater Instructor Certification courses as well as leading our Flatwater courses - both tandem and solo from intro to advanced levels.

Barron River June 2020 0005Mark S

Mark joined the canoe club in1986 and has been generously helping with training and club exec and club events ever since! He is a very talented canoeist with Paddle Canada Certifications as a Tandem and Solo instructor. 
For the past 15+ years, Mark enthusiastically leads an annual whitewater trip on the Petawawa especially for 'newly minted' whitewater paddlers from our WW courses.
You will find him generously teaching our Paddle Canada Tandem and Solo courses as well as evening skill coaching sessions. Mark also assists with our Tripping courses.


lessons with becky 003Bill W

I've been a member of the RACCC since 2017 and have been helping instructing since 2018 and canoeing for over 40 years. Paddling on the quiet cottage lake is where you will find me on a beautiful fall day after retiring from my work at Natural Resources Canada.  I love the feeling of being one with the canoe and the gentle timeless motion gliding over the lake. 
I love to share my passion for canoeing with our course participants to help them find inner peace on water.”
I am a certified Paddle Canada Flatwater Tandem Canoeing Instructor. I teach our PC Flatwater Tandem courses and help with coaching:  tandem and solo.  Note: Bill has just passed the Paddle Canada Advanced Lake Tandem Canoeing Certification!


NathalieNathalie M

My first memories on the water are in an aluminum canoe at 6 years old. Thanks to the RACCC and its volunteers, I've expanded my paddling and navigation skills. Now I aspire to become an advanced solo flatwater paddler and Paddle Canada instructor with the RACCC. 
My favorite ways to spend time on the water are solo canoeing at sunrise and sunset, and kayaking on Georgian Bay. I love seeing the progress participants make during training events and continually learning from these experiences.
I love seeing the progress participants make during training events.
I help teach our PC Flatwater Tandem courses and coaching: tandem and solo.
Nathalie has passed the Paddle Canada Advanced Tandem Lake Canoeing Certification and also her Lake Tandem Instructor Certification.


SalomeSalome S.

I've been canoeing and wilderness camping for over 25 years.  Since moving to Ottawa, it's been a real pleasure finding a group of like-minded individuals who also love being in the wild.  I had never been 'trained' to canoe until I took my first course with the RACCC (then YCCC) 8 years ago.  I realized then how much I didn't know about canoeing and camping.  Over the years, I have taken more courses and have really grown to appreciate the depth of knowledge and willingness to share this knowledge that members of RACCC have shown.
It's been a real pleasure developing my skills and sharing that with other interested members since becoming a certified instructor in 2019.  
I am a certified Paddle Canada Flatwater Tandem Canoeing Instructor. I teach our PC Flatwater Tandem courses and help with coaching:  tandem and solo. Salome is completing her Paddle Canada Advanced Tandem Certification.



Lee Ann 2Lee Ann S
There's just something about being on the water that I love. I started paddling at a young age in our family's red canoe and had a memorable 12-day high-school outers trip including the Dumoine River. I was hooked! Since then, I've enjoyed family and club flatwater trips including parks in Ontario, Quebec and the Yukon. Our family now has our own red canoe, a sea kayak and a recreational kayak. My favourite canoe-camping places so far are the Teslin and Yukon Rivers, Achray in Algonquin Park, Killarney and the French River. I joined the club in 2014, but wasn't really active until I took the Intro to Canoe Camping Course in 2015. Since then, I've been on several club camping trips,  Flatwater Tandem courses as well as solo lessons with Becky Mason. There's so much to learn and a wealth of knowledge within the club!  Wanting to give back to the club that has meant so much to me, I became a Certified Flatwater Tandem Instructor in 2018 and helped teach my first courses in 2019. I'm looking forward to teaching again and sharing some of the wisdom I've learned from our experienced club paddlers. As a certified Paddle Canada Flatwater Tandem Canoeing Instructor, I teach our PC Flatwater Tandem courses and help with coaching:  tandem and solo. 
Note: Lee Ann has just passed the Paddle Canada Lake Tandem Canoeing Certification.

SuzeSuze C
I was a life long, self-taught bow paddler until joining the RACCC in 2011. Membership allowed me to move outside my comfort zone, to really take control of a canoe by learning new stern, tandem and solo paddling skills and to expand my horizons to exciting, wilderness destinations in company of experienced club members. I think there is no better way to improve canoe skills than to learn to teach them, so that has been my project for the last couple of years.  I am also an enthusiastic kayaker and teach basic kayak and Greenland rolling skills. Being on the water is my happy place.  I am a Paddle Canada certified Instructor,teaching:  Paddle Canada Tandem Canoeing as well as Kayaking courses.  I also help with our club's tandem and solo coaching sessions. Suze has just passed her Paddle Canada Intermediate Tandem Lake Canoeing Certification!  

Bruce HBruce H

I have been an avid canoeist for decades and enjoy both whitewater and flat water tripping.
I enjoy assisting with flatwater solo and tandem training and plan to lead several novice friendly lightweight (one pass portage) overnight or two night trips this year (2020) combining tripping and canoe skills coaching.
You will also find me out coaching most Monday and Tuesday evening solo and tandem practice sessions in June.
Bruce has just passed the Paddle Canada Instructor Lake Tandem Canoeing Certification as well as Advanced Tandem Lake Canoeing.



Andrea M
Andrea has an extensive background in tandem and solo canoeing as well as wilderness canoe tripping both Flatwater and Whitewater. Andrea well earned her Paddle Canada Flatwater Tandem Instructor Certification and shares her knowledge with great good humour in our Paddle Canada tandem canoeing courses and helps with our coaching sessions:  Tandem and Solo. Andrea has passed her Paddle Canada Advanced Tandem Lake Canoeing Certification.

Linda D
Linda is another long time canoeist who, once joining the RACCC has been enthusiastically focused improving her paddling skills. Like many of our instructors, Linda has well earned her Paddle Canada Tandem Instrutor Certification and continues zeroing in on Intermediate Solo skills. 
She teaches our Paddle Canada tandem canoeing courses and  coaching sessions:  tandem and solo.  Linda has passed the Paddle Canada Advanced Tandem Lake Canoeing Certification!

Ralph O
Ralph is an enthusiastic canoeist!  He generously shares his canoeing experience and helps with our tandem and solo evening coaching sessions.

Jane O
Jane is another longtime RACCC Member who has been helping with our Intro and Intermediate Courses. She is a canoeist and kayaker and a great canoe tripper!

Catherine J
I have been paddling since childhood as my family explored Ontario, Eastern Canada, and the northern US.  After several years hiatus,  I returned to my roots in 1994 when I joined the canoe club (then the YCCC). I have assisted with training ever since. I"m sure I've learned as much from the students as they have from me.   My happy place is wilderness camping with a few extended trips every year. French River is an annual favourite, but highlights are trips down the Wind River and South MacMillan River in the Yukon. In between camping trips, I can be found canoeing or kayaking somewhere around Ottawa.
I help with some of the club Paddle Canada courses and coaching sessions.

Michele B
Michele has been canoeing and canoe tripping 'forever' !  She is an accomplished (award winning) photographer who beautifully that captures the beauty of all the places she's paddled and friends with whom she has shared these places. She generously leads numerous club trips throughout the canoeing season and helps with: Paddle Canada canoeing courses and coaching sessions:  tandem and solo.  

Karen HKaren and kids Lake Louise 2

I’ve been canoeing since I was a child but I didn’t like the big, heavy canoes then.  Now, I love canoeing and the club's light-weight canoes. My first canoe trip was as a teenager forty years ago. I’ve been instructing canoeing since 2009.  I’ve canoed with my family in all provinces/territories of Canada except the Northwest Territories and Nunavut.  My favourite places to paddle are calm water, beautiful sunsets and campfires in any location. What do I love about teaching canoeing?  How quickly beginners improve with some instruction.  A few hours can make a huge difference in their ability to do what they want with their canoe.  I teach our Paddle Canada courses and coaching evenings:  tandem and solo. ( I also teach ORCKA canoeing.to a local children's camp staff)
Karen has passed the Paddle Canada Advanced Tandem Lake Canoeing Certification.

John C.
John is another of our Paddle Canada Certified Instructors who helps with Paddle Canada Tandem Flatwater Canoeing and Tripping courses.
Most often, you will find him sharing his skills and knowledge with course participants during the Pool sessions: canoe rescues.

Jay Morrison:

Jay is a long time member of the canoe club with extensive experience in canoeing and tripping.  This picture shows Jay in his beautiful decked canoe that he built especially for his 7000 Km trans- Canada trip. 
Jay has PC Instructor certification in and teaches: Paddle Canada Moving Water (whitewater), Big Canoe and Tripping Courses. 
On occasion, we are fortunate to have him help us with our Flatwater courses!