Flatwater Training

FLATWATER Canoe SOLO INTRODUCTION: Certification 2020 (Postponed indefinitely per COVID-19)

Bill 2Prerequisites:
Participants MUST have completed Paddle Canada Lake Canoe Skills Introduction Tandem, ORCKA Basic 123 or have permission from the instructor.
Course only open to RACCC members.
16 years of age or older (Minors must come with a parent/guardian.  Parent does not need to register or canoe.)
All participants should be comfortable swimming while wearing a PFD.

This course includes the Paddle Canada Lake Canoe Skills Introduction Solo course: paddling forwards, backwards, sideways, pivots, circles, dock landings, safety, solo canoe rescues and more.  We hope to include some synchronized paddling. 

Date and Time: TBD

Location: TBD

Registration: (will open in April)
Cost $140 (includes course, camping, canoe rental)    Course code: #  (to be posted soon)
Maximum # of participants: 6

- The RACCC has canoes, paddles and Personal Floatation Devices (PFDs)
- Private boats may be used: to be pre-approved by course instructor.
- Participants are encouraged to bring their own personal gear.
- NOTE: We strongly suggest that participants NOT purchase a new PFD or Paddle prior to the course:
We include info on choosing PFD's and Paddles and essential equipment.

Course content information:  contact dot22b(at)gmail.com
Registration information: contact the RA center at 613 733-5100. (Registration opens April )

RACCC Admin Info:
Paddle Canada Course #