Excellent and Cool videos: Paddling and Packing tips!

1.  Voyageur Canoes ...paddling tips and what to do if you tip... Dave Woolridge
2.  White water Basics ... MITH ... to learn on flat water... Paul and Willa Mason
3.  Happy camper Packing Tips - Kevin Callan (my fav!)
4.  Dock Landings - demo by Becky M and Reid M - the 'best' !
5. Freestyle Canoeing (American) - Molly Gurian, Karen Black...
6. Canadian Style Canoeing - Charles Burchill

1. Here are some excellent videos to review prior to stepping into a big canoe!
Paddling tips for bow, stern, galley slaves :-) ... .and what to do if you tip ( agood thing to know!)  Dave is one of the best (paddlers and instrucvtors) in Canada.   enjoy!
(paddling tips... and what to do if you tip!)
(stern paddling tips )
Style Canoeing in a big Canoe

2. OK next set of videos: MITH _ basic techniques for White water....
MITH -  WW Basics - to learn on flat water
Paul Mason and his daughter Willa, do clear explanation and demos!
MITH - with paddling strokes, MITH with pivoting strokes.

3. Packing Tips -
with Kevin Callan (he's my fav!  very funny, but exceptionally competent!)

prep'g food for a canoe trip:

packing a canoe pack:

4. Dock Landings:
Becky Mason and Reid MacLachlan demo dock landings.

5. Freestyle Canoeing (American) -
Molly Gurian - each maneuvre is called out prior to Molly doing them (e.g. Post, Axle, Christie...)
excerpt from This is Canoeing: Karin Black

6. Canadian Style Canoeing
Charles Burchill - Manitoba
check out descriptions... and then view videos.
Charles is the' author of Paddle Canada's Style Canoeing Program - his paddling precision is astounding.

Charles' doing Canadian Style moves...