Rules for Private Trips

Private Trips are trips which are organized by and include club members, but are not advertised 
in the club calendar, are not club events, are not sanctioned by the club, and may include 
non-club members. 
Organizers of private trips may apply for the privilege of renting and using club equipment. 
These requests will be evaluated by one or more of the appropriate program coordinators (WW, 
Family, or FW), who may choose to permit rentals for members who are active contributors to 
the club. Renting or using club equipment for private trips is not a right of membership; it is a 
privilege earned through active voluntary contribution in the club.
Canoes and other equipment will only be available for use on private trips after the requirements
for club training and club trips are filled. A decision of the availability of canoes for private trips will
be made by the the appropriate coordinator, with the help of the  Boathouse Volunteer, on the
Tuesday evening prior to the weekend that a private trip is going out.  
Only one boat per member may be rented for a private trip. Every club boat on a private trip must have
at least one club member in it at all times. Whitewater boats and equipment (e.g. paddles, throw ropes)
may only be used by club members on the Whitewater List.
When considering rental requests for private trips, program coordinators may also take into 
account the proposed destination and by association the anticipated wear and tear on club boats 
and equipment. The Assets Coordinator may choose to place additional restrictions, as they see 
fit, on equipment use and boat rentals (e.g. duration of rental, selection of equipment, etc.).
All normal rental fees, payment procedures, procedures related to damaged equipment, etc. apply 
to private trips. 
An adult club member may bring up to two guests on a club trip or a private trip. Any non-member in a
club boat on a private trip must purchase a Guest Membership.
Payment for private trips must be made before the trip leaves. Guest registration forms must be handed
in at the same time that payment is made.