RA Canoe Camping Club

Example Flatwater Safety Briefing


(give at group meeting at shed or at put-in)


(**if water temperature under 15C – approx pre-June 15 and post-Sept.15)

1. Each paddler must have PFD and paddle

2. PFDs must be worn when on the water

3. Each boat must have spare paddle, whistle, bailer, throw rope, and (if out after sunset) a waterproof flashlight

4. Secure loose materials that interfere with paddlers

5. First aid kit in trip leader’s boat – identify any people trained in first aid

6. **Hypothermia kit or use camping gear

7. Boats stay together

8. **Lead boat designated – not to be passed, stay within 30 metres of another boat, sweep boat is last

9. Stay in close proximity to shore when in windy conditions in larger water

10. **Stay in close proximity to shore when water is cold

11. NO running of rapids in RACCC Flat Water boats

12. Capsized canoe – stay with the boat

13. Canoe over canoe rescue – identify trained paddlers

14. Use of whistle –

- 3 sharp blasts (repeated) is the international emergency signal

- 1 blast imeans heads up, pay attention

15. All paddlers should also be aware of standard hand/ paddle signals for `stop`, `come ahead`, `go this way`, `help`

16. Special cautions about hazards likely to be encountered on this trip, such as large bodies of water, winds, waves, rough portages, etc.

17. Contact guardian angel (name and phone number) if lost while driving or other emergency (search and rescue)

18. Medical conditions of participants (give privately to trip leader)