Example Flatwater Day or Evening Trip Checklist for Leaders

Planning the Trip

  • Decide where to go, obtain maps, and/or route descriptions.
  • Post trip on the website
  • Follow up email to participants
  • Obtain boathouse code from FW coordinator (a few days before the trip)

At the Boathouse

  • Welcome members
  • Members sign the Trip Record Form with emergency contacts (in white binder)
    • Guests compete and sign the Guest Registration (waiver) Form
  • Sign out and Load canoes – drivers ensuring firmly affixed to cars
  • Ensure all canoes have
    • 1 paddle/person + 1 spare paddle
    • Throw bag
    • Bailer
    • PFD and whistle per person
  • Sign out Group equipment
    • First Aid kit
    • Hypothermia kit (if water under 15C)
  • Ensure all club equipment used is recorded on the Trip Log.
  • Establish driving arrangements
  • Discuss:
    • Paddling partners (1 experienced paddler in each canoe, if possible)
    • Driving arrangements
    • Driving route and rendezvous points, mileage.
    • Paddle route
    • Ensure everyone has required equipment
    • Ensure everyone has water, lunch or snack
    • Trade cell phone numbers – use if lost

Safety Briefing (at the put-in)

  • Safety briefing
  • Coverage for damage to club boats – standard unless people opt out
    • First $200 – those in club boat
    • Rest shared by those renting
    • Participate in repair work
    • Private boats are responsibility of the owner

End of Trip

  • Return all club equipment to the shed and indicate on Trip Record Form.
  • Trip leader collects rental fees.
  • 3Put one copy of Trip Record Form, 1 copy of the Equipment Payment Form, a cheque for rental fees and any completed Guest Registration, in an envelop and place in drop box on the west side of the RA near the lockers.