RA Canoe Camping Club

Thursday, June 25, 2020

We are reopening!

We are pleased to announce that the RA Canoe Camping Club will begin the 2020 season on Saturday June 27, 2020. Now that we have an opening date the club executive and volunteers can start populating the calendar with trips and some training events.

Even though safety considerations related to Covid have forced the RA to suspend most operations until September, the Canoe Camping Club’s unique operating model has allowed the club executive and RA management to develop protocols that allow us reduce risks related to Covid to a manageable level.

As one would expect, operating in a Covid world requires us to make some changes to how we operate. The Club and RA management have produced protocols that will be in effect as long as Covid is uncontrolled. The protocols are at https://www.raccc.ca/programs/flatwater/1960-covid-19-protocols. Some examples of changes are:

  • Since the main RA building is closed, memberships must be purchased by filling out a form on the RA website at www.racentre.com/join. Once the form is completed an RA manager will call you to obtain your credit card information. Alternatively, payment can be made by cheque. Complete information on how to join the Club is available on the RACCC member website at www.raccc.ca/membership/join.
  • There is a new waiver that must be completed online at www.racentre.com/raccc-waiver-adult (adults) or www.racentre.com/raccc-waiver-minor (under 18).
  • Because carpooling is prohibited, we are planning more in town trips.
  • A series of new protocols for the boathouse and disinfecting club equipment have been implemented. These protocols are posted in the boathouse as well as posted on the website at https://www.raccc.ca/programs/flatwater/1960-covid-19-protocols
  • In order to meet social distancing requirements people who do not share the same household will not be able to share tents or food on camping trips.

We are living in strange and trying times. Luckily the RA Canoe Camping Club is blessed with really great members and many great places to paddle.

We look forward to seeing you on the water.

Your RACCC Executive