Family Program

The Family Program is designed to help introduce and include parents with children of all ages from toddler to teen to canoe camping.

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Family Canoeing 2023

To do RACCC canoe training or trips, minors must have a parent or guardian present. 
This is not a program where you drop off children/teens on their own.
Parents with children of all ages, toddler to teens, may participate.
Canoe trips on flatwater or gently flowing rivers are the safest way for families to begin.

You will need to learn how to transport a canoe on your vehicle, sign out club equipment and pay for it. You can learn this at a boathouse tour or during a canoe course.

You will need to learn how to canoe if you do not already know how to canoe.  Adults and teens can participate in the Paddle Canada Introductory Tandem courses June 3/4 or June 10/11.  Younger children can learn to paddle from their parents.  It is best to begin with short canoe trips (5 to 10 km) and progress from there.

Health policy: Participants need to be healthy and symptom-free.  Those who are not healthy may be asked to leave.  If Covid19 is currently in your household, please do not attend canoe trips.  Precautions may be altered by future Public Health guidelines.

2023 Canoe Trips

Some flatwater canoe trips that families may join.  Other trips may be available.  Note ages and details.  Check the club calendar for a complete list and more details.

Sat. June 3 (storm date Sun. June 4) Barron Canyon, Algonquin day trip.  Some are camping at Achray campground June 2-4. 18 km paddle.  2.5-hour drive each way. Limited club canoe rentals available.  Hazards – bears and poison ivy.

Sat. June 10 Bonnechere River between Lough Garvey and Algonquin Park day trip. 20 km paddle. 2-hour drive each way. All ages.  Limited club canoe rentals available.

Tues. July 4 (storm date Wed. July 5) Morton Bay/Rock Dunder (age 13 & up with parent present) 1.5-hour drive each way.  14 km paddle. Limited parking space.

Sat. July 8 Storm date Sun. July 9) Burritts Rapids to Nicholson locks return.  All ages welcome.  35-minute drive each way.  10 km paddle.

Fri. August 4-Mon. August 7 (long weekend) Bentshoe Lake, Algonquin Highlands Family Camping Weekend.  Day trip to Big East Lake – portage of 500 m.  4-hour drive. All ages welcome.  Limited campsite space or book an additional campsite early. 

Sun. August 13 Otty Lake (near Perth).  All ages welcome.  Limited parking space.  Just over one hour drive each way.  Paddling distance is about 15 km. Limited parking space.

If a trip does not mention children or teens, a parent may ask if minors are permitted?

The final decision rests with the trip leader.  Not all trips are suitable for minors.

Families may participate on other flatwater canoe trips with permission of the trip leader.

Families may arrange to lead a flatwater trip.  Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you wish to lead a trip.

The signup for some flatwater trips requires you to log in to the website and look at the date on the calendar.  Sign up for a trip may be online there.  Otherwise contact the trip leader.

Some trips have a “storm date” which can be used if the weather is not good on the original date.
Canoe trips may be cancelled by the trip leader for various reasons.
Please do not show up at the boathouse without registering or connecting with the trip leader.

Flatwater Canoe Training:

Flatwater Intro Tandem course. Age 12 & up. June 3/4 OR June 10/11. Rescue session June 29th evening.

Flatwater Intro Solo course age 14 & up June 24/25.  Rescue date TBA.

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

Canoe Tripping Training:Tues. May 30 evening, Tues. June 6 evening, June 16-18 (Friday noon to Sunday evening) Paddle Canada Canoe Tripping Course Rock Lake, Algonquin Park, Age 13 & up with parent present.  Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.


Whitewater Canoe Training:

Whitewater Tandem or Solo age 13 & up with parent present.

Teens must have parental permission and meet prerequisites for each course. Teens must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, but they do not have to paddle with them for training. For Whitewater trips, parents, on the club Whitewater List, can bring their children even if younger than 13, but only in a private boat as you need to be on the Whitewater List to be in a club boat. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

You need to register for training at least seven days ahead of the start date. 

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